When you visit Mexico, one thing you can be certain of is that you will not exhaust the vast expanse of one of the largest countries in the Americas. At over 760,000 sq mi, and with a population of more than 129 million people, Mexico is packed with diverse lifestyles, cultures, scenery, climate, and cuisines to offer a unique experience to practically any kind of traveler.


Mexico’s capital, Mexico City, is the oldest city in North America and home to the country’s most prominent landmarks. Here, you behold Mexico’s first skyscraper, Torre Latinoamericano, which is found in Centro Historico (Historic Center), the second-largest city square in the world (the Zocalo), and the renowned Xochimilco floating gardens.


Don’t get lost in the big city and forget the world of legendary beauty that the rest of the country has to offer! Be awed by the magnificent Copper Canyon, the mystical Mayan ruins, the enchanting marine and wildlife, and the country’s epic mountains and volcanoes.


Mexican cuisine is so much more than the internationally-recognized tacos, tamales, and quesadillas. Its culinary blend of the indigenous Mayan and Aztec ingredients, along with a distinct Spanish influence, varies from region to region, with each dish more delicious than the last. Be on the lookout for spicy soups, wild veggies, stews, and street snacks, and, if you are into special ingredients such as flowers, mushrooms, and insects, you will be right at home. The best part is that you don’t have to dine in fancy restaurants; these foods are found at the numerous street food outlets – you can literally walk while you eat.


Have you ever tasted the famous Jose Cuervo? Well, the locals insist that the only way to really sample this authentic tequila is to enjoy it at Jalisco. While at it, be sure to get a real kick from the Mezcal at Oaxaca, or try Pulque, which you can only find in Central Mexico. Booze and music go together, right? Well, you cannot talk about Mexican music without mentioning the famous Mariachi, but it gets even better; clubs across Mexico will give you your fill of live salsa, mambo, reggaeton and Latin pop.


Bullfighting is one of Mexico’s favorite sports, but if you’d rather watch good guys (Los técnicos) and bad guys (Los rudos) wrestle, wear a mask and enjoy the game at the capital city’s Arena every Tuesday and Friday.


As long as you are in Mexico, you are bound to get caught up in some music, costumes, fireworks, dancing and other forms of celebration. Whether it is religious, civic, or social, relax and live in the moment, just like the locals do.


Bring your swimsuit and beachwear by all means to enjoy over 6000 miles of coastline. Here, you can walk, play volleyball, bask or swim, making the most of the balmy temperatures and crystal clear waters.


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