Whether you are looking for a holiday getaway or a tropical region to settle in, you will be right at home in Taiwan. This East Asian country is one of the world’s most breathtaking islands, and also boasts a fascinatingly rich history. The country’s beauty goes way back; no wonder the early explorers named it “Ilha Formosa”, Portuguese for “beautiful island”.


Vibrant cities, old temples and delicious cuisines are some of the nation’s major attractions. Up until recently, Taipei 101, which is right at the center of the capital, held the record for the tallest green building in the world. The architectural marvel overlooks a thriving metropolis in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the China Sea.


Just a couple of hours car ride from the capital is the famous Taroko National Park, a haven for bicyclists and nature enthusiasts. Xiangde Temple and the Eternal Spring Shrine also lie in the park, surrounded by gorges, waterfalls and rocky rivers. Do you love music? Put the unique Taroko Music Festival on your bucket list and don’t limit your expectations.


Scenic views are countless around the island. Key among these is the Sun Moon Lake, in Nantou County, which lies at the foot of mountain ranges. Cable cars dot the area for a better view of the cultural theme parks, clear waters and temples below. While swimming is usually not allowed, there is the annual mid-fall swimming festival to look forward to.


Apart from cultural and natural attractions, Taiwan is a developed country. It’s among the world’s highest-ranked countries in terms of politics, economics, and human development. It boasts a high-speed rail that runs from Taipei to the coastal city of Kaohsiung. For an up-close view of the region, you could opt for a ride on a scooter, the country’s most popular mode of transport. There is also an extensive air transport system with airstrips and both mid-sized and international airports spread conveniently across the island. You can also access this popular destination via several seaports.


Taiwan happens to be a confluence of different cultures. The hybrid elements come from traditional Chinese and Japanese cultures, along with the adoption of western beliefs. This captivating blend can be sampled from the works of artists such as Wu Han, a leading Taiwanese classical music pianist. What’s more, you can test your vocals loudly as you travel through the region. Yes, you read that right; tour buses in Taiwan come equipped with TVs for singing karaoke. If you are on a romantic getaway, you can keep the flames burning in private theaters where you and your partner can watch movies or music more intimately.


Taiwan has so much to offer and it is reasonably easy to get carried away by all of its beauty. For a successful stay at this tropical destination though, don’t forget to take care of your skin. A straw-made wide-brimmed hat, the kind that rice farmers on the island wear, will keep your tan in check.


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