Soccer, surfing, fishing, hot springs, and sandy beaches, all wrapped into one! Intrigued yet? Welcome to Uruguay, the smallest country in South America. Somewhat an underdog in the region, this is a hidden gem wedged between Brazil and Argentina. Its size notwithstanding, Uruguay has so much to offer.


To the south and southeast, it borders River Plate and the Atlantic Ocean respectively. The country happens to be one of the most politically, economically and socially stable nations in the region. It also ranks high on global prosperity, income and happiness levels.


Named after the Uruguay River, the country is littered with tourist spots, ranging from river islands and national parks to sandy beaches and street carnivals. A typical visit starts at Carrasco International Airport, located in the capital, Montevideo. From here, you can travel upcountry or head straight for the beach, which is within walking distance.


Speaking of beaches, Uruguay’s sandy shores are exceptionally peaceful, and boast some luxurious but affordable resorts. Here, you can swim, sunbathe or surf the strong Atlantic waves. Right on the edge of the beaches are skyscrapers, exclusive bars, and clubs, creating a mini-Miami kind of aura.


If you are looking for a quieter ocean-side getaway, head to the José Ignacio. This is an upscale fishing village targeting celebrities and the elite. Don’t forget to take memorable selfies by the picturesque 19th-century lighthouse, a spot that gives you a stunning panoramic view of the area.


The José Ignacio lighthouse is just one of the many architectural sites that contrast with modern designs. You can even book a tour of historical urban sites that have been preserved for centuries. These are old European structures found in virtually every region, from The Gateway of the Citadel in Montevideo to the Anglo complex in Fray Bento’s port.

Whether in Montevideo or the countryside, the locals are friendly and helpful. People are quick to converse and direct you to the best hidden gems in town. There is a slow tranquil rhythm to life in Uruguay; it’s actually not uncommon to find shops closed in the afternoon for a siesta, especially away from the big cities.


Uruguay’s upcountry is made up of hilly and extensive tracts of land. Ever heard of the Gaucho lifestyle? These are brave and tough horseriders occupying themselves with farmwork and putting on lancing contests. Practice your horseriding while hiking up and down the majestic hills that dot the landscape.


When it comes to fishing, canoeing, camping, and kayaking, the countryside is just perfect. There are numerous beautiful grassy areas with lakes and rivers open for a variety of watersports. Uruguay also boasts several protected nature reserves with rare flora and fauna. Look forward to seeing the Capybara, the largest living rodent on the planet, and the magnificent Queguay Grande River forest.


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